Writing the Best Email in English: a Workshop for Entrepreneurs | August, 9th 2016


To attend this online lesson you must REGISTER using this link. The registration is limited to 10 spaces.

We would like to invite you to our upcoming Online Group Lesson, designed specifically for entrepreneurs and business people who speak English as a second language. This lesson will take place in a virtual classroom with a professional English teacher, where you’ll be able to communicate freely, using your microphone and webcam. It will cover the following topics regarding business email writing in English:

– Do’s and Don’ts of writing a good email

– Subject lines – actually getting your email read!

– Salutations – the proper way of introducing yourself

– Body of emails – the most important part of the email. This is where you get your idea across, the best way possible.

– Signature lines

– Q&As – bring in your grammar and email writing questions

To register please follow this link and you will receive all the details on how to log into the lesson. Since this is an interactive classroom, there are only spaces for 10 people, so registration will closed once we reach that number!


Who is providing this lesson?

This lesson is a part of a new course, from the online languages school Lingolearn, designed specifically for startup founders. It deals with improving your writing and verbal skills in English, in order to push your startup towards success. Click here for more details about the course.

At the end of this free lesson, you’ll receive a special offer when signing up to Lingolearn’s English Skills for Startup Entrepreneurs online course.


When & Where?

9th of August, 2016.

Online event.


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