What Entrepreneur are you?

What Entrepreneur are you?

Entrepreneur, by definition, is a person who sets up a business and takes on financial risks to make profits. Typically there are 6 types of entrepreneurs


1. Innovators believe that they have an idea that is worth all the money. That is why they form their entire business strategy and execution around it. Innovators are not necessarily interested in old and well-established ideas and techniques. They are here to change the way the game is played and Mark Zuckerberg is one great example.

2. Opportunists stick to traditional methods and business strategies and believe that they can make it even better. They are not huge believers of change and that’s why when it comes time to make a tricky decision, they rather stick to their gut. Richard Branson is one such example as he set up his Virgin empire.

3. Wantrepreneurs want money and they want it now. Even if they receive a big sum of money, they will never invest them in a side business. Instead they rather spend it on holiday. Although they have an entire collection of business data, they never seem to know how to bring about conversions or turn them into realities.

4. Jack of all trades have the ability to spot trends and make the most of it. They love taking risks. In fact it’s the most exciting part of their business. They would rather search for solutions online rather than hiring experts to come up with solutions. A classic example is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

5. World changers create a company that aims at changing the worldThey are great planners and plan ahead and always save even the most insignificant idea hoping that one day they will be able to realize it into a world changing concept. They are less interested in profits and more focused on company ethics.

6. Serial Entrepreneurs are always ready to move on and are welcome to change. . They refrain from dwelling on mistakes, because that just seems like a waste of time. They are always looking towards the future and the idea that will bring them success.

Which one of the six are you? Or which one would you have liked to be?

Original source: Dubaichronicle.com

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