Use Video Livestreaming to boost your business.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that video has become an integral and dominating part of social media, especially livestreaming. In fact livestreaming apps are already dominating social media conversations and will continue to do so as more people catch on to this trend. With new opportunities like Periscope, Blab, and Facebook Live Video, it’s tempting to join in on movement. But the question is, which channel are most effective for your business.

Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

Facebook Livestreaming

Facebook Live is a new tool that Facebook has launched that allows you to create a livestream on your Facebook page. To start a livestream, open up the status bar as though you were going to write a new post and click the little head with the circles around it. This will push you into a cue to start your livestreaming. You will then be prompted to name your video feed and choose your audience, meaning you can choose to Livestream to everyone, or just selected followers. Once you do that, you’ll click the button to go Live and voila, you are now broadcasting to your Facebook audience.  Also important to note, you can save the video if you decide you want to share it later — so perhaps add it to your YouTube channel, etc.

Tips for using Facebook Livestreaming:

1.     Ideal video length: 5 to 20 minutes.

2.     Use a short, snappy video title. If you need to add a longer description, do it in the comments.

3.     After the live event be sure to add a little narrative to the post, a call to action and change up the thumbnail (Facebook let’s you pick 1 of 10 images).

4.     Tags will help folks discover your video so add any that tie into your topic.

5.     If you’re interviewing people in the video, you can also tag them under “edit video” (one note, you can’t edit the video yet on mobile, just on your desktop).


Periscope is a mobile app that allows you to broadcast to your followers through an active twitter account. Your Periscope streams will last up to 24 hours unless you save them, or turn on the ‘autosave broadcast’ option in your app settings. Periscope is a very popular tool and in 2015 had 15 million users.

Tips for using Periscope:

1.     Since you’re broadcasting on Twitter, limiting your scopes to 10-15 minutes is ideal and make sure followers know from the onset what they’re getting.

2.     Click on the Twitter icon before you put the broadcast live, so that the scope is posted to your Twitter feed.

3.     Keep an eye out for comments.

4.     Before you launch your scope, spend time coming up with a compelling title. Maybe a product launch, a special offer, or a rare, behind the scenes look.

5.     Use location and tagging for users to know where you’re scoping from.

Blab has been called the ‘Foursquare of video’, because it’s all about the check in. Blab’s mobile app allows you to you log on, view other Blab’s, or start one of your own. Blab doesn’t force you to integrate with any other social media site and you can run the stream through your social sites and not through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, you can schedule videos up to a month. You can also increase the excitement of your broadcast for a product launch or event with the countdown timer on the page. It is advisable to watch and learn how other Blabs work before posting your first one.

Tips for using Blab:

1.     If you want a replay of your Blab available on your profile, you’ll need to record it using the record button.

2.     Blab has a unique feature that allows you to drop in a PowerPoint presentation if you’re doing a class or something else that may require using PPT.

3.     Make sure you experiment with allowing guests in and locking seats, because this is a useful tool. The ‘lock seats’ feature is especially handy if you’re limiting your audience or just want to do a round-table chat without any other guests popping on.

4.     Blabs can be private or public, depending on your settings, so be sure to check the settings before you begin.

5.     Posting your Blab on YouTube can be done with one click. So make sure you connect your Blab to your YouTube account when you set up your profile.

How to Use Livestream Video:

There are many ways that businesses are incorporating video into their marketing strategy, here are a few you might want to consider:

1.     Product Launch

2.     Time sensitive events

3.     Behind the Scenes

4.     Live Training

5.     Customer Support

6.     Add a Boost to Your Live Events

7.     Promos, Giveaways

Video can be a fantastic way to enhance any business, bring in new customers and better connect you with your current customer and fan base. You may want to experiment and test a few platforms before you decide on one that you want to use going forward, but remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Decide which platform is the best fit for you and your audience and then see the results for yourself.

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