Up close and personal with Hatem Al Amoudi- founder and CEO of ESGI- Energy Solutions Group International.

Up close and personal with Hatem Al Amoudi- founder and CEO of ESGI- Energy Solutions Group International.
In our exclusive interview with Hatem Al Amoudi, we had a chance to get to know more about ESGI as a business and his journey since he first began.
ESGI is an Internet of Things (IoT) Systems Integrator which uses technology to help its customers improve the operational performance of their assets, increase revenues and reduce long-term operating costs.  The business was established in 2013 and now operates the only independent 24/7 building management command and control centre in the UAE.
Through the use of customised operating platforms, ESGI can analyse and predict how clients and customers interact with their assets and identify where system improvements or savings can be made.  
Hatem Al Amoudi - founder and CEO of ESGI

Hatem Al Amoudi – founder and CEO of ESGI

Hatem explains “On a single platform, we have the ability to visualise to clients, in real-time, how their assets are performing.  We use energy consumption as a good example – but it can really be any operating system within a building”.  He continues “Our clients generally own multiple assets, all of which operate on a stand-alone own energy management systems.  As a result, the only way the CEO can quantify how energy is being consumed is via the monthly Utilitiesbill.  It’s difficult to optimize his energy consumption and reduce costs using the previous month’s bills.”.
“Our technology” he continues “changes that”. 
“We now have the ability to plug into a building and within a matter of hours show customers real-time consumption patterns and the performance of their assets.  Once we have this live data, we can almost take a back seat as the clients themselves instantly identify areas of inefficiency or energy wastage.  Our energy engineers and technicians then work with our clients to understand how energy should be consumed and feed these parameters into our energy platform.  The building then effectively becomes ‘intelligent’, only consuming energy on demand, while ensuring an optimal client inside.”
Hatem explains how clients initially focus on the AED/kWh of energy saving however, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  “Although energy prices inevitably must increase, right now they are comparatively low across the UAE.  Therefore, although we can reduce the cost /kWh, the real saving for clients start to kick in when they have a 360° understanding of the performance of their existing infrastructure, or the effectiveness of their FM provision”.
He explains “AED/kWh are good, but if you can extend the life of your air conditioning system by a number of years or reduce the cost of Facility Managment delivery, that is where we see some really big savings.  These are the areas where people really don’t understand where the money is going but, by giving them this insight, we can really help clients take major cost lines out of the business”.  
Hatem also shared his valuable insight for younger entrepreneurs in the region. “When it comes to starting your business, the business plan is crucial.  It doesn’t have to be extensive, but you have to know where you are trying to get to, and you have to understand the numbers.  So many good ideas have gone to the wall because the innovator didn’t understand their cashflows”.
“Once you’ve done that” he continues “seek advice from your advisors. This will help you get different perspectives on your business and will allow you to point out the loopholes, if any.
And finally, don’t be bothered by failure. Dust it off and move ahead.”

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