These 4 tips can help you make better decisions in 2017.

These 4 tips can help you make better decisions in 2017.

A research at Cornell suggests that we make an average of 3,000 decisions a day. While some decisions are born out of force of habit, the others are well-informed ones. These decisions help you build self-confidence and also reduce the pain of having to deal with mistakes. There are 4 principles you can use to fine tune these decisions and heighten your sense of direction and purpose.shutterstock_261757220


1.     Choose the company you keep.

The people you spend more time with are a reflection of you and who you want to become. Surrounding yourself around people who can bring out the best in you, nurture you and encourage you will only help you grow further.

Knowing what you need to hear and not what you want to hear are the best critics and will steer you in the right direction. Finding people who are experienced enough and can weigh the cost of every decision are the kind of people worth being around.

2.     Let your passion lead the way.

A good decision is synonymous with passion. Throw yourself at opportunities that excite you. Going into something that you aren’t passionate about will soon get you bored, or even worse, get you to quit. When a decision is sound is morally sound, throw yourself at it with full gusto and let your passion lead you.

3.     Do things that make you happy.

Before making decisions, the questions you ask yourself should be governed by 3 pillars. 1. Am I good at this?
2. Will this take me where I want to go?
3. Does this excite me?
If the answer is ‘Yes’, then go for it. It’s always good to test your abilities and build more purpose around your decisions. Make sure your decisions serve you and create opportunities for you to win.

4.     Rest Well

Everyone needs a time and place to rest. This helps with clarity of the mind while making sound decisions. When you’re tired, you lack patience and temperance, which isn’t the ideal case scenario when it comes to decision-making. Resting well will have a positive impact on your health, business and every other area of your life.

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