The Yebab journey continues…

The Yebab journey continues…
Murshed Mohammad Ahmad and Mareyah Mohammad Ahmad co-founded Yebab back in 2008. The siblings had a passion and drive to write a success story of their own, not just in the region, but also on a global scale.
The journey began in 2008 where Murshed and Mareyah launched the Yebab Directory of Services, which was an online directory that promoted special handpicked services that weren’t easily available in the market. In 2013, their second venture was the Yebab Photo Sharing App, where people can share their photos in a whole new perspective. Coming to their latest venture in 2016- the ‘iwant’ platform. This platform is a website and mobile application serves as an online retailer concierge service for customers and retailers. Murshed calls this category of retail the Social e-commerce, where retailers have huge potential for growth and can tackle artificial intelligence.
Their first venture- the Yebab Directory of Services is now the Biggest Online Wedding Directory in the region, featuring products and services from over 4,000 stores. It’s popularity is increasing exponentially with a growing traffic of around millions of page views.
The second joint venture in 2013- The Yebab Photo Sharing App is the answer to Instagram in the region. It became an instant hit with the people and already had over 1,000 users within the first 6 hours of launch.
Murshed and Mareyah are now heavily focused on their latest 2016 venture, which is called the ‘iwant’ platform. It has already won at the Dubai Smartpreneur Competition as being one of the top 3 ideas among 350 applications.
Winning accolades on celebrated platforms, like the Economist and The Wharton Business School Entrepreneurial Planning & Innovation Competition, Murshed and Mareyah have been an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in the region. They are in fact in the process of writing their success story and have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

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