The ABC of innovation with Tony Wagner of Harvard University.

In the recent Knowledge Summit held in Dubai this month, The Harvard University’s innovation Lab has shared its foundation behind critical thinking, “We need to create the innovators we need to face tomorrow’s challenges.”

Tony Wagner- expert in residence at Harvard University’s Innovation Lab said, “The most important thing is to use the knowledge you have. But understand that you don’t have it all. The only thing that knows everything is Google. As we think about education for the future, we must understand that there is no longer a competitive advantage in knowing more than the person next to you because Google knows everything. Knowledge has become a commodity and so-called knowledge workers in the fields of medicine, law, and so on are rapidly being replaced by computers.”

“Too much of education in the US and elsewhere is based on memorization and repetition. We must empower students to be creators and problem solvers by giving them real opportunities to wrestle with big questions and work on the real problems. Finland has done more than any other country to reimagine education for the 21st-century. Critical thinking begins with a habit of asking good questions. It includes the ability to weigh evidence, understand different points of view, and think about individual and social significance. Business leaders whom I interviewed told me that the ability to think critically is an essential prerequisite for problem identification.”

“Many people talk about problem solving, but the executives I spoke to say that it is all about problem identification. As Einstein said, ‘The formulation of the problem is often more essential than the solution.”

Hours earlier in a session where he featured, Wagner said that the world no longer cares about how much our students know because knowledge has become a commodity. “What the world cares about is what students can do with what they know.”

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