Staying true to your Brand Identity is a must.

Staying true to your Brand Identity is a must.

Staying true to your Brand Identity is a must.

When it comes to your business, should you follow the trends? Should you be on Snapchat? Should you even be on Social Media or part of an exhibition? How should you decide is the fad worth following? Will it enhance your brand or will it be tagged along as one of the others?

A good starting point is to ask yourself if these activities are relevant to your brand and if it adds value. To some brands, Snapchat might be more useful than LinkedIn and vice versa. For instance, Retail Banking might do well on Instagram to promote new products and launch competitions.


When it comes to new emerging trends, it’s good to evaluate the situation and be the first to get in on it. For eg: GCC fashion blogs that embraced social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter when they first emerged leveraged it the most, and have grown to become representatives of major fashion brands. Some have even turned their sites into money-generating platforms.

Here are some aspects you need to consider while evaluating a new trend for your business:

  • Maintain constant contact with your clients

While you think that a new trend or advancement will increase the scope of your business, your customers might disagree. Therefore, as part of your trend evaluation, it’s best to involve your customers. Conduct focus groups and seek their opinion. Find out all the pros and cons of adopting something new. When it comes to Social media presence, find out which channels suits your target group and where they tune in.

  • Stay true to your identity

Every brand has its beliefs and represents a purpose, which are reflected through its products and services. As you evolve, you adopt different methods make sure you don’t stray away from your brand stands for. Maintain its integrity and your consumers will maintain their loyalty.

Any trend – big or small – must be evaluated carefully to see how it affects your business. It may provide an opportunity to develop your brand but as you evolve, some things need to remain constant. What your customers believe in is just as key when you are considering something new, and their habits and evolving behaviour will help as you transform your messaging, your products and services.

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