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Why use IBM’s Cloud Platform?

Accelerate Your Success

Launch your apps quickly—and build them your way. Use a combination of the most prominent open-source software available along with unique IBM technologies such as IBM Watson, plus third party and experimental services.

IBM Bluemix is your pathway to get started.

If you rely on key technology to build and run your business, do it with a company that’s been in the IT business over 100 years­­, with a proven track record.

IBM Bluemix

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About IBM Cloud

IBM is now offering more cloud credits to qualified startups than anyone else, period. IBM Global Entrepreneur enables emerging companies to harness the power of IBM Cloud, as well as connect them into IBM’s vast global network of clients, consultants, Innovation Centers, developers, and more. We are the global leader in cloud with an unmatched portfolio of open cloud solutions to enable clients for the hybrid cloud era with integration, control over data, and expertise.

$120K in cloud credits

IBM Cloud is the rainmaker for startups and developers. Check your startups eligibility.
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IBM developerWorks

Get your code on with IBM developerWorks! developerWorks is IBM’s premier developer resource for Bluemix. Grow your Bluemix skills with sample apps and code, how-to tutorials, quick-starts, and videos – all designed to help you get your apps in the cloud in minutes! Got questions? Connect with the experts in the Bluemix Developers Community.

Watson Analytics Cloud

Go from data to analysis in seconds. If you can use the web, you can do this. Bring your data. Ask your question. In seconds, you get an insightful visualization just right for your data. And, getting started couldn’t be easier. Watson Analytics—Project Neo from the IBM Labs—runs in the cloud so it supports any device you use. Register your interest for the Watson Analytics beta.

IBM SoftLayer

When your business lives in the cloud, you can’t compromise on your infrastructure’s performance…even if you’re on a bootstrapped budget. The fastest-growing startups require consistent cloud performance and the ability to scale infrastructure up and down quickly and easily when customer demand changes. SoftLayer’s innovative cloud platform is designed to meet those diverse and evolving needs.

Get Started with $500

Get up to $500 in cloud servers and services. The sky is the limit.