Scout My Car- Going the extra mile.

As we talk about startups in the region, Scout My Car is the perfect example where you see the Middle East market changing. Scout My Car goes deep into consumer behavior in the region, and tackles one of the major pain points amongst the people purchasing used cars.
With the growing number of cars being bought and sold on a daily basis, it’s easy for a consumer to get stuck on the raw side of a deal. Be it a fair price point, a thorough inspection, maintenance, insurance and more; consumers often lose track and miss out on minor details that could end up in major disappointments. This is where Scout My Car plays a significant role. It serves as the perfect catalyst while you purchase your first car, your dream car or even swap a family car. The platform adds convenience to the consumer-buying journey and advises you on how much you should pay, and every single detail you should look out for.



Scout My Car team

Scout My Car carries out a detailed inspection on your car, starting from a full mechanical check up, covering the diagnostics and safety, to the interiors. It then gives you a complete report on owner and vehicle history. Finally, keeping all these factors in mind, it suggests a suitable valuation for your car.

Scout My Car is a unique creation developed and run by Alexander, co-founder and CEO, and Omar, co-founder and Head of Operations. In a recent interview with the team, we had the chance to discuss their inspiration, journey and motto behind Scout My Car.

“My love for cars is where it all began. I’ve always wanted to work with cars. Growing up in the UAE and working at Daimler and Porsche have made me understand the automobile industry in the region better. I know the problems that buyers in the used car markets face and we also know what they’re looking for when it comes to purchasing their cars. This is where Scout My Car is the differentiation factor, where we give every customer a personalized experience. Right from inspections, to legalities, to the resale value of a car, even consultations; we give our customers an entire 360° package.” said Alexander.

With regards to growth, Scout My Car is on its way to developing further, with a prime focus on the GCC markets. Also, key insights from industry experts has helped the team boost on the business model, improvise the business offering and enhance the consumer experience further.

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