Rhiannon Downie-Hurst saves every bride’s day as the region’s first wed-entrepreneur!

Rhiannon Downie-Hurst saves every bride’s day as the region’s first wed-entrepreneur!

A personal journey became a professional discovery for Rhiannon Downie-Hurst who realized she wasn’t exactly the relaxed bride she thought she would be just days before her wedding. Everywhere she turned for answers and solutions, more questions were the result. She realized this would be the issue that other brides-to-be could be facing too – especially for those unable to hire wedding planners or who were shopping on a budget. This quandary made her realize that this region could do with a go-to hub for everything wedding related.

She then decided to launch www.BrideClubMe.com as a comeback to her pre-wedding worries, which were of course taken care of as soon as she decided to take the reins of her wedding in her own hands.

Her website provides information on the legalities of the wedding process, the suppliers, vendors, photographers along with essential listings that include reputed international suppliers alongside upcoming events and exhibitions happening in the region and around the world. Apart from listings, the site offers a forum where members can exchange information and update each other on the latest around town. Experts also offer their advice and tips to readers with queries. The website has also linked up with companies who wish to market their services through this online platform, in the form of competitions and giveaways.

The main aim of Rhiannon has been to uplift, educate and inspire brides-to-be and those working alongside them.

As an entrepreneur, the business is growing leaps and bounds, but as a concept, this was the first in the region that served as a base for all wedding wishes and brides-to-be.

Visit www.brideclubme.com for more information.

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