Reaping the Rewards- Female Entrepreneurs in MENA

Reaping the Rewards- Female Entrepreneurs in MENA


Image by: Entrepreneur ME

Image by: Entrepreneur ME


Sara Mohammadi- Founder of Tehran-based Eventbox says being a woman in business in the Middle East, particularly in Dubai, is more advantageous than disadvantageous. This is the belief of many other women entrepreneurs in the region, and operate successful business in Egypt, Iran, KSA, Palestine, and the whole of MENA; some even provide services outside of the MENA to Greece and the U.K.

These highly capable entrepreneurs agreed that equality in the region is visible and growing rapidly. A perfect example is Nida Sumar- founder of Dubai-based Keza, where she was discouraged 3 years ago by angel investors claiming she didn’t have what it takes, and today she already has an investor and is making serious plans on moving her enterprise forward.

Majority of the women felt they hadn’t encountered gender specific barriers while establishing and operating their businesses. On the other hand, Samantha Hamilton-Rushforth- founder of Dubai-based Beem shares that she is often interrupted while delivering her pitch.

Kristine Lasam- founder of Pink Entropy agreed with Samantha Hamilton. She also mentions that only by acknowledging the reality can we genuinely start making long-term changes. However, Lasam also agrees to the many advantages of being a female entrepreneur and how gender doesn’t matter, but the efforts do.

Today, Dubai has plenty of initiatives that support women in business and aspiring entrepreneurs. And Yamna Naveed Khan- founder of Dubai-based PerksPlus believes that the region is highly encouraging when it comes to female entrepreneurs.

Nabbesh- founder of Loulou Khazen Baz is an entrepreneur who believes that due to the male dominance in the Startup ecosystem, a woman’s perspective is highly refreshing and well received.

Butheina Kazim-founder of Cinema Akil expresses how gender has never come in the way of her beliefs and ability.

These are the views of a few women entrepreneurs in the region. The ecosystem is trying to maintain a balance in genders, thus becoming more welcoming towards females.

So if you have an interesting business idea, MENA is the place to be, and the best time to turn your idea into reality is NOW!

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