Park your worries away with Park Key!

Park your worries away with Park Key!

You’ve managed to snooze your way past 9 am, almost forgetting a meeting with a potential client at 10 am. Rushing through your morning rituals, you realize you’re going to be late regardless of reaching there on time – no parking!

You’ve booked a lavish dinner with friends on the eve of New Years’, but you recollect how you almost missed the fireworks and dinner last New Years’ because of the traffic with the celebrations becoming a chaotic series of events. You start panicking.

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These typical scenarios are what keep most in Dubai constantly worried and scurrying to “make it there before time”, creating unnecessary panic and even unsafe, fast driving.

Adnan Masood, founder of Park Key is a practical genius of sorts. He realized how technology was pacing ahead forgetting basic issues that are essential to our daily lives. Parking, especially in Dubai and Sharjah was always a concern, so why not tackle this head on.

Having been the Marketing Director at Du Telecommunications, this technology stalwart decided to take the plunge and create Park Key, an online platform providing more than 2100 spots in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, connecting parking providers with parking seekers.

By making bookings online, parking seekers have daily, monthly and yearly packages as options to choose from. By exploring options on locations, prices, and availability, seekers can book their parking spaces online with ease and they can also rest ensured that the spot will be vacant for them when they arrive, all due to the strong ties with parking providers.

Park Key emerged as a startup venture in early 2016 and has grown leaps and bounds within months. For now this an online, web-only platform with the mobile app en route to the marketplace.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, Masood advises that raising capital is the fundamental issue for new business owners. The best part about Park Key is the potential for positive alliances, i.e., building strong ties with potential business partners and government bodies.

With Park Key, you never have to worry about missing your meeting nor reaching your dinners late.

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