Meet Fluidmeet!

Meet Fluidmeet!

Fluidmeet is an innovative creation of 2 young entrepreneurs, Suleiman Salloum and Jareer Oweimrin.


Suleiman Salloum is the Founder and Executive Director of Fluidmeet. An entrepreneur at heart, Suleiman has been a part of many projects in the past. He has been involved in projects right from ground zero, be it from conceptualizing to execution. Recently, he also co-founded a boutique art studio in Dubai that focused on delivering unmatched commercial art solutions and retail artwork. He has also been heavily involved in the development and launch of two F&B concepts in Montreal, Canada. His core strengths lie in management, strategy, planning, performance management and corporate financial investments.



Spinning the wheel at the other is Jareer Oweimrin, Founder and Executive Director of fluidmeet. Jareer has also worked in the entrepreneurial setting for most of his professional career. He has been responsible for running the show in business development in a transnational pharmaceutical company in Bahrain. He has also set up entrepreneurial ventures, such as creating online networking platforms that connect MBA graduates to short-term business projects. Founder and Director of one of the largest student business consultancies in the Middle East, Jareer has also been a management advisor for an entrepreneurial consulting firm that served Government organizations, Government related entities and private companies. He has led multiple large scale consulting engagements and managed large teams.

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Their most recent venture is Fluidmeet, which is an online platform that connects business professionals to workspaces across the globe. The inspiration behind this idea was the difficulty in finding apt workspaces whilst working together. And Fluidmeet solves this problem perfectly. It offers professionals the ability to book workspaces on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. These spaces involve meeting rooms, private offices, co-working spaces, event venues and more. Being an online platform, this idea has a seamless business model and caters to the needs of professionals across the region. Furthermore, booking and paying is fast, efficient and secure.
Fluidmeet is a brand new idea and currently pans GCC. Currently headquartered in Dubai, Fluidmeet has future plans of going global.

When asked about advice for young entrepreneurs, Suleiman and Jareer shared their valuable insight:

– Always test something before launching

– Know exactly who your target segment is

– Stay passionate and focused

– Execution is of utmost importance

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