Keeping it personal with your customers is key for entrepreneurial success

Keeping it personal with your customers is key for entrepreneurial success

Making up 40% of the country’s GDP, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups are considered the backbone of the UAE’s economy. According to the UAE Ministry of Economy, nearly 300,000 SMEs account for 92 per cent of UAE companies, and employ 86 percent of the private sector workforce, while the global international development organization, Spark, estimates that 19 percent of the world’s entrepreneurs come from the Middle East. With such an incredible growth rate, getting noticed amongst the clutter becomes very difficult. However, the key lies in staying personal.


Getting to know your customer is the first step in staying personal. Holding conversations after regular intervals of time, discussions and research will allow you to know your customer better and get into their minds. Lacking knowledge will keep you restricted from knowing how your consumer feels about your product. Staying open to feedback is also an important factor- be it good or bad.

Partners take precedence over customers. Although they might be your customers to a certain extent, but first and foremost, they’re part of your community. The idea behind this is to let your biggest advocates be your spokespeople, either on Social media or through word of mouth. It all builds up to your brand being driven by the community, rather than people in a marketing department.


The best way to build a good brand image is by delivering an unmatched consumer experience at every single interaction. First step to delighting your customers is knowing what they want and their primary reason for staying loyal to your brand. Once you have that knowledge, mapping the consumer’s journey and concerns and creating procedures that exceed customer expectations are easier. When experience exceeds expectation, brand loyalty is born.


When you play your cards right and use platforms smartly, you can boost your visibility exponentially at minimal costs. Using Facebook pages to help connect with your consumers on a one-on-one basis is a complete dealmaker. Using Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest allows you to give your brand a voice that relates with your consumers and gets them to fall in love with your brand. Using apps to stay in touch with your consumers also serves as a great advantage and allows you to carve a niche category for yourself.
Every brand should stand for something and use it as a voice to communicate with their consumers. Doing this will help you find more key messages and will spark innovation, empowerment, emerging markets, logistics, cloud computing or even employee welfare.


Stay in touch with your core fan base and focus on their needs and requirements. Address your followers and they will talk about you. That’s how you stay personal.

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