Innovation Week- An experience you mustn’t miss

Innovation Week- An experience you mustn’t miss

This week is a very important one for every entrepreneur. The UAE will be celebrating Innovation Week through exhibitions, national initiative launches, competitions, talks and workshops across the country. The week is based on showcasing the latest innovative products in the Emirates, meeting Emiratis and non-Emiratis innovators, and also learning about the government’s innovative approach to providing services.


Image credit: Shutterstock

Image credit: Shutterstock

These talks and workshops promise to be a great source of inspiration and will help you spark innovative ideas you require for your business.

As you engage with the different activities, here’s how you can make most the experience.

·      Take notes

Be it old school with a book and pen, or a tablet or voice memos, always be ready to write down what inspires you. This will serve as the starting point.

·      Be creative

Another great way of ideation is to doodle. Jot down ideas in your own format and make them as creative as possible.

·      Be inspired

Innovation Week is the perfect time to be amongst inspirational people, engage in conversation, listen and learn. This will help you spark ideas and serve as a starting point for your business.

·      Take time out

After attending workshops and seminars, take time to reflect and dedicate time to yourself away from your computer and phone if possible. Avoiding distractions will allow you to be more focused and generate better ideas.

·      Stay positive

Attending workshops and networking might be an overwhelming experience where you might feel like an under-achiever. But do not be deterred because ideas take time, but will eventually click into place.

·      Don’t Stop

Do not stop at your Eureka moment. It’s important to think the idea through and how you can bring it to life. We all stumble upon innovative ideas, but the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is how they utilize them.

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