Innovation Culture Design Mini-Workshop | August, 24, 2016


Join us for a free interactive talk on Innovation culture design!

This 2 hour talk/workshop will involve exposure to what is a digital mindset, Hyper island ideology + practical hands on experience in IDEO inspired design thinking methodologies, an Iterative process and an awareness to innovation structure, process & culture.


Introduction slides about the speaker & exposure to digital, hyper island ideology & IDEO design thinking

IDEO inspired design thinking hands on process (Process)

The Marshmallow challenge

Hyper island Ideology (Culture)

Slide on The Johari Window

Retrospective on Post its / A self reflection experience

Group Dynamics (Structure)

• The TotalSDI Triangle

• Group Dynamics & Individual assessment via The SDI triangle

Hyper island Ideology (Culture)

Team Feedback on Post its

Summary of Innovation Structure, Process & Culture

• What is innovation culture & the 3 month long innovation culture development collaboration with start ups, Wrap up & Final Thoughts

•  Q&A


About The Speaker

Howard carries with him 10 years of work experience in the design industry with a mixed skill-set of multimedia design, user experience design, digital creative direction & digital strategy.

He recently arrived in Dubai to explore the digital opportunity spaces here coming fresh out of Hyper Island UK where he took a Masters in Digital Media Management. Before The UK, He had been practicing as a Digital Creative Director / User Experience Designer / Digital Creative Strategist in Singapore having had practiced there for 6 years working with digital agencies, start ups, innovation companies, events production houses, PR agencies & boutique advertising agencies to name a few. Prior to that He had a short Multimedia freelance stint at San Francisco in 2009 & was a founder of a Multimedia Production studio in Manila circa 2005 where he was producing more traditional integrated media work.

As a creative, He had grown to a level not only to produce content within channels but also develop the channels/platforms themselves evidently growing further in digital to develop & design digital business organization systems & innovation culture that scale in this emerging industry.


When & Where?

When: 24th of August, 2016.
6:30 PM

Where: Astrolabs, JLT Cluster R, Dubai.

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