Hoping to bring alive your business idea? It’s time you start Cribb-ing!

Hoping to bring alive your business idea? It’s time you start Cribb-ing!

If you’re dabbling with a visionary business idea and not sure what your next move should be, Kamal Hassan has the answer for you. As the president and CEO of Innovation360, Managing Director of TURN8, and the founder of The Cribb, business models now have a platform to step on and become real and running companies.

The Cribb

The Cribb is an incubation hub and workplace designed for creative entrepreneurs and digital startup companies able to take advantage of the specialized services, such as courses and advise, while entrepreneurs can get involved and meet likeminded business and technology talent.

Cribb came into existence two years ago and consists of three different sections – The Cribb as a physical space for budding entrepreneurs; The Cribb as an online entity; The Cribb as an academy.

The online community is a space where people from world over can sign up and access The Cribb’s network and become a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem online. As a physical space, this is an enriching hub for those who are looking for a collaborative workspace, while as an academy, they provide courses that aim at entrepreneurs, i.e., startup companies and those who belong to larger organizations hoping to turn into entrepreneurs someday and even those who want to test an idea; Second, the academy also aims at helping startups who are already established and are planning to take their businesses to the next level; third, technology fanatics; and fourth, large corporates.

The Cribb Academy offers 30 full-fledged courses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. The USP here is that all the courses lean towards practical application rather than being heavily theoretical. The courses fall under the ‘tracks’ of Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur, Startup Biz, Startup Tech, and Corporate Innovation.

Here are some top tips from the experts:

  • Avoid getting too worked up about the idea of starting a business. The process isn’t as complicated as the mind may conjure it to be. Simply head over to The Cribb and discuss your business idea over coffee. You’ll see the process isn’t as hard after all.
  • If someone criticizes you, extract the constructive part, and don’t let it bog you down.
  • Take advantage of incubation hubs in the region.
  • While thinking about a product or service, keep in mind the problem that you will be helping alleviate.

If you would like to know more about The Cribb, click here http://www.thecribb.co/en

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