Get a match for all your transportation needs in seconds with is an online marketplace designed for shipments and trucks, where logistics professionals get in contact with each other and can carry out freight exchanges in real-time. It gives you instant access to a large pool of live information about the available freights as well as trucks across the Middle East.

01 Get a match for all your transportation needs in seconds with

In a recent conversation with Sebastian Stefan, CEO about the inspiration behind the idea, he said, “I wanted to find a solution to a real problem. When I came to Dubai in 2010, I was working as a Sales Manager. The main challenge was to find the right transporter for your products. And that process along with quotations took a week. Due to this, 3 out of 4 orders used to get rejected because the truck couldn’t be loaded on time. Also 80% of the trucks travelled empty on their way back. This is where I found an opportunity like freight exchange marketplace. It’s more like an Uber for trucks.”
Load-Me was first launched in UAE in 2015, followed by Saudi Arabia and now holds a presence in the GCC region. A huge advantage of Load-Me is tapping into the 80% of the trucks who return empty and maximizing the utilization of equipment, products and services. Load-Me further plans to diversify the products it offers and expand the scope of business in other regions. They also plan on building an annual contract system and launch new features for urgent shipments.


About Dubai as a market, he stated, “Dubai is a very stable market. And it helps me as an entrepreneur to make more healthy and informed decisions in quality and competition. It also helps me strategize my long terms goals. Dubai is an emerging economy and the demand is growing at a tremendous rate. Almost 50% of the road lands go through Dubai which makes it the hub for a business like ours.”


Advising young entrepreneurs, Sebastian shared a few tips. “ Always look for a niche audience. When you have a niche audience to cater to, you don’t spend too much money on marketing. The investment is also smaller for a niche audience. If you have an idea, start it up and you will receive support from people around you, at least in Dubai. Every idea is worthless until you start working on it and launch it to the public.


Load-Me has already gained a lot of popularity and has received a number of accolades to call its own.

–       November 2016- Smart Initiative Award from Gulf Traffic Conference

–       June 2016- Winner of the Smartpreneur Competition organized by Dubai Chamber and a cash prize of 75,000 AED

–       Mar 2016- Winner of Disruptive Entrepreneur Award from Ministry of Economy

–       Feb 2016- Winner of the Best MENA Cristal Start-up and a cash prize of 5,000 USD

–       Nov 2015- Winner of the ChallengeME at MENA IoT competition organized by Intel and a cash prize of 7,500 USD but also showcased to a global event in London

–       Nov 2015- Awarded The Best New Business in 2015 on the Stars of Business

–       Sept 2015- Received the award The Best Innovation in Sustainability from UAE Ministry of Development during the SME Summit


Load-Me is the first transporters market in the Middle East, which gives you instant access to thousands of trucks and shipping equipment in a matter of seconds.


The Load-Me app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This mobile app helps you find the right logistic services on the go.

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