Era of Mass Marketing is truly over.

Era of Mass Marketing is truly over.

The second quarter of 2016 is almost over and the predictions of 2017 are on their way. Why do these questions arise?

Because people are still uncertain about 2016 and optimistic about 2017 in the run up to 2020.

Rather than debating the oil prices, regional turmoil and subsequent market fluctuations, we know for sure that 2016 isn’t as buoyant a market as many had hoped.

2016 is surely not a 2008 all over again, but budgets are being slashed and every dollar is being accounted for.

This is why 2016 will mark the end of Mass Marketing.


Giving audiences a personal experience is everything today. Startups and venture Capitalists pitching at the Step Conference in Dubai also solved a very singular problem for a niche audience.

The main aim while setting up a business is that it should solve a problem. The reason to all marketing is collect eyeballs, monitor what the audiences are doing and give them more of what they want and monetize them.

The new business models have specific models and purposes that cater to specific audiences. However, only time is the real answer to who the real audiences will be.

This is why 2016 will be the end of Mass Marketing. There will be no need to waste big budgets on one homogenous audience.

The way things are looked at, is each big audience is a collection of little audiences. These audiences are only found on the internet and mobile, not mass marketing channels.

But how do we change this scenario?

The answer is ‘Programmatic’.

Programmatic is the solution, where every consumer is fed with relevant data through different channels and platform for e.g. internet, mobile and now even radio. Programmatic radio is already alive and well-established in some markets, where the radio ads are based on the listeners preferences, thereby giving them a cuatomized radio experience.

This is likely to be a favourite topic at the Festival of Media MENA. The introduction of technological advancements in 2017 will enable businesses to easily target niche audiences. And smaller budgets will target specific audiences and go further than they can today. In the Middle East, ‘programmatic’ is restricted to internet advertising. But not for too long.

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