Dubai Future Accelerators

The Dubai Future Accelerators is an intensive 12-week program scheduled for September. This event is designed to create partnerships between top companies and entrepreneurs with powerful entities in Dubai to create breakthrough solutions together.

This program is not about the technicalities that go into creating your business model or how to pitch your startup. It doesn’t involve coding language or SEO, or tips on how to develop your business. The core premise of this program is about changing the world. Today.

This event will give you the opportunity to bring your best to the table and test your business with in the most dynamic environment of world-class enterprises and renowned entrepreneurs. This will help you unlock insights for your product or business and also forge meaningful partnerships, commercial agreements and investments for public and private sectors.

The Dubai Future Accelerators focus exclusively on the identification and deployment of futuristic prototypes and products on a city-wide scale. So undertake 6 different challenges and if you have the perfect solution, then be sure that your product or business will be ready for development.

It’s time you explore the challenges and apply at

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