Cutting-edge medical technology by a Japanese startup at GITEX

Cutting-edge medical technology by a Japanese startup at GITEX

Primesap gives athletes the power to enhance their performance and avoid career-ending injuries. Every athlete fears sustaining an injury that would end their career and keep them from playing the sport they love.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Keeping this mind, a Japanese start-up has introduced a new technology that is designed around motion evaluation. The Tokyo-based health and fitness company is currently at GITEX Technology Week showcasing its products.

The motto of this company is to bridge the gap between ‘healthy life expectancy’ and ‘life expectancy’, by designing a sustainable well-aging process that combines medical, engineering and science fields.

“Based on the continuously monitored state of a person’s health, we analyze, design and manage the well-aging process. Our service is not just for senior people aging, but also for athletes’ sustainable growth.” said Takeshi Kimura, founder and CEO of Primesap.

Kimura also discussed their recent partnership with Intel to create a motion evaluation system that helps baseball pitchers improve their performance, and prevent them from suffering from career-ending injuries. These systems have sensors that record the movements of athletes and produces graphics that identify the motions that athletes need to overcome.

Primesap’s models are integrated platforms that comprises of Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and learning.

The startup currently has two model solutions called Live Trac and Life Trac. Live Trac focuses on helping athletes with their performance, as well as helping researchers in the medical field by providing them with data. Life Trac works on monitoring an individual’s health especially if they suffer from any medical conditions. Through secure and smart monitoring, the model can alert a medical expert if a patient is experiencing a medical emergency such as a stroke, heart attack, or if they have suffered a fall.

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