Attitude is more important than Aptitude. Here are 3 reasons why.

Attitude is more important than Aptitude. Here are 3 reasons why.

The ideal recruitment strategy is to hire people with both, the right attitude and the right aptitude. However, if you have to choose from just one of the two, the best thing to do is to go with the one with the right attitude.

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Here are 3 reasons why:

1.              It’s easier to shape attitude than aptitude.

People with the right attitude are both motivated and adaptable to learning new skills. With the right attitude and adequate effort, these skills can be mastered in no time. Whereas improving attitude can be difficult and is often about changing behaviours. Without the right attitude, this is unlikely to happen.


2.              Attitude can impact overall performance.

Getting people with the wrong attitude to fit in an organization is often like fitting a square peg through a round hole. They can clash with the culture, disrupt teamwork and can cause unrest, which impacts overall performance.

Team sports is the perfect example where skilled players don’t fit in with the rest of the team, causing issues and discontent. Consequently they are let go and then almost immediately you find a boost in team performance. The term used for this is ‘Addition by subtraction’.

3.              The right attitude can overcome obstacles.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When it comes to aptitude, we’ve never heard of when the tough get going, the smart get going. We’re face challenges and difficult times all the time. In these times, determination, tenacity and resilience come to the fore. Having the right skill without the right attitude never helps overcoming challenges and achieving success.

During interviews people can fake attitudes, and we need to make sure that we probe these areas, and listen to the language used, to try and understand their true attitude. Do they answer in the past tense, do they have specific examples and can go into details. If they can’t then the probably don’t have the attitude you’re looking for.

Understanding the attitude of your organization and then finding the perfect fit is also very important. It’s best to create a template and work around it. Designing your template around top performers and their attitudes can you get you to an ideal result.

These 3 key reasons just go to show that you should choose attitude over aptitude, every single time.

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