Adventure – A whole new start-up venture!

Adventure – A whole new start-up venture!

There’s no need to be skeptical about holidaying anymore. Holidays don’t need to be filled with changing schedules, unknown sightseeing companies, and questionable packages, after all.

Kripa Hadani’s taken care of this.

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Hadani, who has lived in Dubai almost all her life decided to take the plunge and do something different – something she had always been passionate about herself. Hailing from the banking sector, after working for 16 years in the industry, she decided to start I Love Adventures in JLT along with her sister.

Setting up base in 2014, I Love Adventures offers more than 1,500 affordable, yet fun and adventurous travel packages that are experiences in more than 120 countries, all whilst providing personalized customer service. This sums up the I Love Adventures experience for the urban traveler who seeks out fun and organized adventure holiday packages.

What sets this travel company apart is more than just adventure. I Love Adventure caters for solo travelers or group travelers who are cycling, climbing, food and fitness enthusiasts. What has also worked for them is that female travelers, who may have previously been reluctant to travel alone, are confident and comfortable in traveling with an I Love Adventures package. Till date, the feather on the cap has been repeat customers who have been more than satisfied with the service and want to try out other adventurous packages on offer.

The company now works jointly with a couple of top travel companies that offer experiences world over. The list includes, but not limited to Exodus travel, Grand American Adventures and Intrepid Travels.

The marketing strategy has been straightforward. Maximized use of available social media tools and word-of-mouth by happy customers has been the model. Yet, the bottom line is the provision of a good travel experience, which definitely has been the case. This has led to a Facebook fan base of over 3,600 likes within such a short span of time.

Taking a plunge like this almost always involves an element of risk, and in this case, the risk was personal savings, while deciding to keep away from bank loans. A little less than two years later, this new setup is expecting to break even this year, while simultaneously receiving offers of investment.

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