5 trends to shape innovation in 2017

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change in the ICT industry is a daily challenge. The key to long-term success is to adapt and seize every opportunity to shape evolving technologies.

“Tech companies often gain competitive advantage by causing market disruption through their ability to understand and act on technology trends. Like waves in the ocean, it’s much easier to ride these trends if you can see them coming and read them right. But of course, true technology leadership happens when you start making your own waves. As I see it, there are five key technology trends that will stimulate innovation within the ICT industry in the coming year, creating new value streams for consumers, industries and society. All five pivot around a technology-enabled business ecosystem made possible through a universal, horizontal and multipurpose communications platform.” said Ulf Ewaldsson, Ericsson Group Technology Officer.

“Operators have Digital transformation as part of their business agenda whether as network enablers, service creators or even service enablers. Throughout the transformation, they are always looking for ways that could help them best optimize their business, acquire licenses in some countries, divest or consolidate. We need to see what fits them better. We need to be sensitive to their needs and plans. Second, understanding our customers’ culture is very critical. In different parts of the world, operators conduct business in different ways. We need to understand that, and we respect the sensitivity of that issue. Our jobs are to share our experiences and be the advisor of the Digital Transformation agenda, make sure that there are synergies, they feel comfortable and that they can talk to us and trust us. This is something that we have to learn and build.” said Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Ericsson Region Middle East and East Africa.

According to Ewaldson, these are 5 technology trends that will shape 2017.

1.     Spreading cognition throughout the cloud.

Connected smart machines are fundamental to evolving Networked Society. Enhanced cloud architecture and intelligence will eable smart connected machines to enhance their performance.


2.     Self- managing devices

Combining sensory data with AI enables vast amounts of data to be merged and processed to create better insight of a system.


3.     Communication beyond sight and sound

As interactions between humans and machines have been evolving over the years, 2017 will aim at creating additional experiences and senses to enhance the communication.


4.     Fundamental technologies reshaping networks

The laws of physics are the only real restriction on the development of communication networks. Pursuing towards innovations that challenge present system limitations will be considered a challenge to overcome.


5.     Weaving security and privacy into the IoT fabric

The rapid rise of wearables, connected homes and vehicles makes security and privacy more vital than ever. Creating better cyber security and privacy is the need of the hour and working towards better models is a must.

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