10 networking tips for young entrepreneurs

10 networking tips for young entrepreneurs

Every budding entrepreneur surely has an idol in his or her industry. And this is surely someone who sits comfortably with their success. However, even the most successful entrepreneur had started somewhere and most likely from the same position as anyone else. However the reason they climbed higher than the others is networking.

People are the key to your personal and business success. Networking helps you recognize people in your industry, gain experience from them and also increase the opportunity.

Image by: 10Forward.ae

Image by: 10Forward.ae

Here are 10 tips to get you started on your journey:

1. Believe in your business.

When you’re strongly committed to your business, you will automatically come off as a strong and confident professional. Someone that everyone wants to associate themselves with.

2. Take advantage of Service opportunities.

Service is free, which always leaves a strong impact on the recipient. Participating in local events and offering your services can help you connect with important individuals. People usually don’t turn down free things and it could get your foot in the right door.

3. Give gifts as a token of appreciation.

When you connect with someone, treat it as a custom to send a thank you card or a gift to show your appreciation. It’s never a wrong thing to create a positive impression.

4. Ask questions of the greats.

The successful people usually have no qualms sharing tips and ideas. When seeking guidance, ask specific questions. They’ll be more likely to impart knowledge when you do most of the work. Soak all the knowledge you can and apply it when it suits you best.

5. Put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Each connection you make is like putting a piece of a puzzle together. Find ways to integrate your connections and information, so it can all create a bigger picture.

6. Have a professional portfolio or blog.

On the flip side, sometimes networking is when people find you instead. When you post a public, professional blog or portfolio, you give yourself the exposure and entice people into making a connection. It also saves time and helps you make more meaningful connections.

7. Follow Up

For many people, a single is not enough to forge a relationship. It takes multiple interactions, which makes following up an essential to networking success.

8. Find your people.

Look for those people who will impact you the most, and only associate yourselves with them. If you’ve made a connection that’s weighing you down or hampering your success, don’t be afraid to untie the knot.

9. Attend Conferences

If you don’t have time to network, it is a mandate you attend events and conferences. These are times when many of the people you’ve wanted to meet will be in a single room. This will help you narrow your search and bring about effective results.

10.  Use Social Media

Harness the power of Social Media and use it as a powerful tool. For example, Linkedin is the perfect platform to network and make the right contacts in your professional world. Facebook and Twitter are also extremely effective and widens your scope and reach.

Original Source: 10Forward.ae

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